Double edged sword of public praise

Double edged sword of public praise!

It’s almost like marriage, the moment they have it they do less!

There has to be something in the male mind specifically that makes them stop doing their best or doing all together the moment you acknowledge them and give them public praise. I call it the double edged sword of public praise for a reason. On one hand they done so very well that they deserve to be mentioned, but at the same time I am always reluctant to give it to them because I already know the end results.

The moment the majority of them see that they have finally done so very well that you are now willing to praise them “out loud for it” and give them a moment in the spotlight as someone special, they drop the ball or walk completely off the playing field.

Now I personally have an extremely strong privacy policy anyways, which means I only ever even consider spotlighting or mentioning someone that enjoys this type of public acknowledgement and attention, so it’s not as if that is the problem. They enjoy it, live for it really in so many ways, and seek it or hint at it in dozenth of small ways.

It’s not the same as the public exposure fetish where it really is them just “renting” a spot of sunshine for a short period of time on nothing more then the fact that they are humiliation junkies with something they feel makes them worthy of attention like being a sissy whore, a small dicked freak, a cock sucking faggot, or some kind of perv old men who has the need to expose his wiener on the internet for all to have to see. In those cases they pay the Lady a certain amount to be made public either on her Social Media accounts or on her blogs etc. It’s a straight up business transaction really. They are desperate to be seen by as many people as possible and push them-selves in the sphere of attention in hopes to illicit a reaction and in order to do so they must pay for it. Prices always depend on the Lady who does it with and for them. From as low as $20 to as high as $1000 and more.

When I do public praise mentions however they are not paid for in a fast track exposure way, but earned over time by loyal service and contact, paying their individual taxes to me, completing their tasks, and a slew of other things that I personally find pleasing. Theirs is on the merit of being a good pet, good sissy, good boy, good pimped out faggot etc who is doing what Goddess demands and desires. They have to be at their best behavior for an extended period of time before I even throw them into a pool of eligible to be mentioned darlings. Oh and if you think it’s cheaper that way you’d be wrong, because truth be told serving me and paying their taxes, penalties, and making their regular tributes adds up to a lot more over time then what I’d charge for the short term exposure the attention whores will buy.

Here comes the kicker so and that is something many of them don’t seem to understand. Getting into my worthy of mention section takes a lot of effort and yes really pleasing me in the ways I desire for you to do, aka living up to what you claim to be. If you fall flat however right after you got your treat and stop doing your best for me, you will be removed from my mentions and then it gets a lot harder to go back up there again. I am always watching and being my favorite well that effort and proper obedience and worship never stops.

I often laugh about it with my friends and compare it to someone getting married. Until the marriage takes place the partners always seem to do their best and are working oh so hard to make sure the other person feels loved and cared about. The moment the ring is on the finger for some reason so that starts to end. Males especially are great at that. Now that they have what they wanted safely in their pocket so to speak, they no longer feel it necessary to give their best to their women. Wrong answer by the way. If anything, now you should try even harder, because guess what darlings just because you have something doesn’t mean you get to keep it either.

I giveth and I can taketh away again too! Always remember that.

I am the type of person anyways that feels as if someone needs to really be outstanding in order for me to really give them public acknowledgement and attention. I find most guys too mediocre to be worthy of it and I am selfish to the point that I don’t get off on showcasing a guys smallest bit of perversion he claims to do for me and gets off on. My spotlight is about me always first and foremost as the Goddess and if I give you a bit of that Spotlight you have done more for me then just basic stuff you would be doing anyways.

So yes, public praise is a double edged sword indeed. If you are going to dance upon it’s edge make 100% sure you don’t fall off the wrong side and get removed and forgotten after you got what you wanted. The void is a tough place to live in.

Goddess Bella Donna

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