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Fetish So many fetishes and kinks that I indulge in!

Kinky, mature, BBW Goddess and FemDom talks about her love for fetishes

Let me show you a little graphic I had to make in order to have enough characters in my Niteflirt Profile and Mistress listing to even be able to fit them all. Well at least most of them, because I probably forgot a few.

It’s a rather large variety and some of those when I first discovered them throughout the last 25 years of being in the BDSM, Fetish and Kink world, actually came as a surprise to even me.

Let’s take Hyper Fetish for an example:

Hyper Fetish is the obsession and sexualization of over the top abnormally large body parts. Breasts, asses, penises, hips, noses, or any other body part. Actually I suppose it would be considered more of a kink, but that is not here nor there really.

I discovered Hyper Fetish in conjunction with Magical control and / or Witch Fetish. The idea that I would cast a spell on someone and make a body part grow abnormally large to the point that in real life you would not even be able to function or even walk upright, because you’d become too imbalanced..

Once I was introduced to the idea, I was playing around with it a little more. Every fetish or kink has very specific and highly individualized triggers that turn the person on. Visual sure can be a big part of it, but it often times goes a lot further then that. There is an entire world that comes with it, which is great for role playing and mental mind fucks, which let’s face it is the huge thing when you do fetish or kink phone sex calls

Now for me it is the idea that I can cause and control this hyper extension or bloating out of the body parts. The taking the person out of control with it and make them subject to my wicked imagination. This can be very sensual in a way when I do a hyper cock magic control roleplay with my “lover” as his sexy Witch girl friend, or it can be almost crushing if I cast the spell on myself or a 3rd party and have my prey be smothered and crushed by that body part until they literally pass out. Maybe Breast expansion to the point that the Tits are in a K category and now I am almost suffocating the victim as he is being smothered between them. Imagine being trapped under a hyper expanded female ass that measures 90 inches around. You see where I am going with that, not to mention being made to worship that mammoth amount of feminine flesh.

I am actually surprised how few times (3 times since 2007) that this fetish has been brought up during a fetish phone sex discussion or call. It’s not one of those really huge ones I suppose or just doesn’t have the draw for those who are more familiar with the mainstream fetishes out there.

Giantess Fetish is another one of those Fetishes I would really like to indulge in more with my callers. I enjoy the entire range of it really. It so gloriously fantastical really and long before I ever got involved into anything BDSM, Fetish or Kink related I had a personal fascination with Giantesses and Giants.

Gullivers Travels was one of the first books I read that introduced me to the world of Giantess and the adventures that came with it. Now of course there are so many more things that come to my mind then the back then innocent fascinations that came with it.

Shrinking, growth, smoother, vore, little men slaves and pets, the sensual Giantess as well as the cruel and mean Giantess are all aspects that I enjoy playing around with. Considering how huge the Giantess is there are natural perils for the little people who are around her. Not to mention that with being this large everything would naturally become a lot more blown out of proportion. Can you imagine a mood swing on such a gigantic scale?

I think you can see where bait and switch, mood swing scenes, good to evil Giantess and more can go into play here. What about a Giantess who is also a Sorceress and perhaps decides to punish a Giants infidelity by shrinking him until he is only 1 ft tall and then turns him into her slave? Oh my… fans herself.

I talked talked about Tickle Torture not too long ago so I you can read up on this by clicking here!

Feeder / Feedee fetish is another one of my sadly less called about fetishes which I deeply enjoy. Here I actually enjoy both the aspect of the Feeder Mistress who controls you and fattens you up, as well as that of the Goddess of Gluttony whose adoring slaves feed her the choicest morsels and assure that her big round belly stays beautifully fat. There are so many delightful options to play around with which can go from Goddess worship, weight gaining fetish, forced eating instructions, forced to be fat, weight encouragement, weight humiliation to oh the options are endless really for someone who loves this fetish. Of course that goes into other food fetishes and food play fetishes as well. One can oh so easily lead into the other.

If you take another look at the long list of fetishes and kinks I enjoy, you may have noticed that many of the things always in a way bleed into each other. For me it’s really difficult to name a favorite since each one of them has it’s own charm and deviant enjoyments really.

Of course you can pick out the most called about and talked about fetishes from this list easily, since those are the most represented on the Niteflirt Platform and offered.

I’d like to challenge you to expand your own fetish horizons a little and reach out to me to explore one or two fetishes that you may be curious about but haven’t really explored yet. I’ll be happy to talk to you about it and who knows you may be surprised just how much you’ll enjoy it once the imagination starts flowing.

There are many more fetishes which I personally enjoy, but I can’t talk about on Niteflirt due to their TOS regulations, but I can tell you that when it comes to being delightfully wicked there are very few things that I haven’t either heard about, talked about, indulged in myself or at least given a try once

You never know what you might like, even if it stays is fantasy only, until you have given it a try. I have fetishes and kinks too that I tried and then realized were just not for me or grew tired of over the years.

Fetishes and kinks shift all the time. It’s not like you are married to one of them, you are allowed to sample them all.

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