Goal contribution opportunities

Goal contribution opportunities!

You don’t have to be a financial submissive or pay pet to reach into your wallet and make a contribution towards my goals and overall financial ease. Of course if you are then these opportunities will arouse you and make your dickie twitch with excitement. In either case, making your financial contributions towards these Goals and things that make me happy in a selfless manner, will earn you good boy points!

Goals I am currently working on:

$5000.00 Travel Funding to finally make it to the East Coast!

For the last 2 years now I have been trying to finally make it to Florida for the Winter Season and then go up the East Coast during the Spring / Summer Time. Each time I have started making this trip some sort of emergency has drained my travel fund and I had to pay for repairs on the RV or take care of another must do unforeseen bill.

$900.00 for a new laptop (or you can buy me a laptop of my Amazon Wishlist)

Yes it is that time again to get a new laptop. I use my laptop good 14 hours a day every single day for work and let’s face it those things are not build to withstand that much use. Be a good boy and keep your Goddess in business and relatively stress free with a new laptop.

$9000.00 Dental Surgery

I need / want to get upper and lower Dentures to get my smile fixed. It’s both for health as well as cosmetic. This cost is to have the rest of my teeth pulled and get a good pair of upper and lower dentures so I can smile really well again when I tease you on my clips. It’s not just vanity, it’s health as well.

$7,452.00 RV Membership #1 full balance payoff

This is the amount I still owe for my Colorado Adventures Lifetime RV Membership which gives me free to use access in RV Resorts in 13 different Parks in California and Arizona. Right now I am paying on it $150.00 a month, but I’d like to just get it paid off completely.

$4,619.00 RV Membership #2 full balance payoff

This is the amount I still owe for my lifetime Coast to Coast Thousand Trails RV Campground Membership. This Membership gives me free access to 100’s of RV Parks and Resorts across America. Right now I am paying $180.00 a month to get it paid fully off, but I’d like to get I’d like to get it paid off completely.

$11,980.00 Remaining Balance on my RV

Yeah it’s down to only that amount remaining!!! Woot Woot, but I’d really like to have it paid off completely. The faster it gets paid off the better.

$3,000.00 RV Repairs (Must get done like yesterday)

This is for work that has to be done a.s.a.p. but has a large price ticket attached to it. It’s necessary for my continued safe travels. This includes the parts and labor costs.

As you can see all of those Goals are far from frivolous and very important to me, my safety, and yes welfare. On average I have to make about $3200 a month on my own just to meet my regular financial obligations a month while I am on the road. These goals above are outside of that monthly expenditure and something I need to make off the side and on top of it.

All of my income from content sales and phone calls always goes towards my monthly bills and output first as those are my priorities of course. You can make me very happy by contributing towards those Goals above and help me get those out of the way. Less stress for Goddess means more sexy content for you.

You can make a tribute or financial contribution by visiting this listing and sending a Tribute / Financial Gift / Tip from there. I will let you pick the amount you can afford. Put which goal you want to work towards in the text message and let me know if you want a “good boy mention” under the goal with your “pet name – let me know what you want it to me” and the amount you have contributed. Of course financial subs, fetish boys and generous little beta male bitch boys can call me on this listing as well. It is set as $9.99 a min. and I do not bid this listing up on Niteflirt so it gets very little views. I keep this one for those among my darlings who are all about making MY life easier and wanting to be selfless in giving their hard earned money to me to show me their love and adoration

Goddess Bella Donna

For those of you who enjoy pushing buttons and just click and buy:

Cash Slaves, Losers and PayPigs Tribute – $200.00

This is a pure tribute (you don’t get anything but the gif that shows on the Goody Bag – Buy from GoddessBellaDonna through Niteflirt.com