Hell month July for me

Hell month July for me!

If you missed me adding lots of content and being available here is why!

As much as I adore being a full-time RVer and traveling it does have one serious downside. A downside matter of fact which can put my entire business on hold and drive me collectively up the wall. It’s called internet issues and at times being in places where something that should take you a couple of days to fix taking close to a full month.

So since about roughly June 23rd now i have been battling with my internet connection, Verizon Wireless and my smartphone through which I have my internet via the Hotspot feature on it.

Currently i am about 15 miles away from a little town in Northern California named Susanville. My actual place were I’m staying at until roughly mid September is in a National Forest Campground. There I am doing some Summer work in exchange for the Camp Spot (which is lovely) and that is the time frame I have obligated myself for.

My Carrier is Verizon Wireless with whom I have developed a real love / hate relationship by now, but sadly can’t just leave since their network is the furthest reaching which is something I need with my travels plus I am grandfathered into their old unlimited data plan which allows me to do the work and travel I do.

And that is where the entire dilemma begins. My Smartphone was going bad and the hardware was just tired I guess you could say, which means I had to replace it. Sounds simple right? Yup I thought that too. Ok so mind you a new Smartphone is expensive but it’s an investment that I have to make so no use whining about it.

Time and distance wise I only get into Susanville once a week and there they have a Verizon Wireless Store or so it seems, at least that is what the building says. I figured this was going to be simple. Go inside, buy a new phone, have them switch it into my plan, and back to work I go. Easy peasy – WRONG!

First off all they are not part of the actual Verizon, but are Ensignia which turns out to be something different and separate. Then I find out that there is a problem with my account which she could not give me information for. Which means I can’t buy the phone there, even straight out pay for it full price etc, and have it switched in. She gives me a number to call and of course nobody is there until a couple of days later.

The next 4 days is spend on the phone with my internet collapsing every few minutes (literally I timed it – every 3 minutes it kept crashing) which made accessing and giving the person on the phone all the information almost impossible. Get disconnected, end up calling back, get another representative on the phone, have to start all over again, get transferred to someone else who is clueless, get disconnected again and so on. 4 Days later I am still no closer to a solution, but my phone and internet connection is getting worse by the second.

Finally I get on someone who tells me to go ahead and just purchase the phone I want from another source and once it arrives at my location to go back down to Susanville and have them put it into the plan. Ok. great you couldn’t have told me that like almost a week ago, but hell at this point I don’t even care because I am finally getting a solution that I can work with.

So cool, I am looking for the phone that works with the plan I have and isn’t a ripoff and is workable with Verizon, because guess what not all of them are. Try ordering that online when you have approx 3 minutes of internet at about dial up speed at that point. A real joy let me tell you. However I finally find one and get it ordered.

Now with me traveling I have to have it shipped to my mail box in Las Vegas first especially if I purchase a protection plan with it. Once it arrives there I need to find a location near me to which I can have it sent. So basically it will be shipped to me in two steps.

I order the phone and it is supposed to arrive in Las Vegas by July 12th which is it being ordered on July 6th finally. I already stocked up the balance on my forwarding service so as soon as it hits I can overnight to me here or I should say to the address of a friend here who was gracious enough to let me use it to get my darn phone.

In the meantime I can’t work the way I need to. There is no way I can send out content, upload or update, even this blog post which should only take me 20 minutes to write and put out has already been taking about 2hours now and that is just writing. So imagine me trying to upload or ship out a 236 mb clip file and more. Not going to happen, can’t it’s impossible. Of course that also means I can’t market myself either. Can’t do the usual advertisements I would do and that means my calls coming in are almost non-existence. I am not only losing my patience at this point but money left and right. Which means money is going out and not coming in and that means my bills have to be paid out of my emergency fund again. GRRRR.

However I stay as positive as I can. Contact the person who has a custom clip ordered from me and let him know what is going on. At this point I am late on delivery and that really annoys me, because I believe in delivering my content on or before the deadline but I am dead fish in the water.

July 12th comes and goes and what do I see? They haven’t even shipped the darn phone out yet. Seriously? What kind of shit is that? I am more than just a bit pissed. So I cancel the order, what else can I do. They didn’t even bother letting me know what the problem was. No communication and I am furious. Now I have to wait a few days to get my money refunded so I can buy another phone from someone else, not to mention the hassle of trying to battle the internet some more to even be able to find the same one I had originally ordered at the price I have paid from another source.

Another couple of days later and at this point I can’t even access the internet for more than about 20 minutes in total a day and logging into Niteflirt is becoming iffy, but I finally get the second phone ordered.

This time they are at least on top of it and it arrives with me paying extra shipping fees at my mailbox. That was 2 days ago at this point and today I finally have my phone in my hands, only now I can’t get into Town until Saturday July 22nd and baring any other Verizon Store issues (I am almost afraid to see what will happen next, because I am literally 5 seconds away from shoving that phone up their arse) I may finally get back to normal by Sunday. Which means that is the earliest point that I can send the custom order out and try to make up a loss of 21 days of income in 9 days. Haha yeah how fun.

So my darlings, please be patient for a couple more days. I am trying to get back to normal work wise, production wise, availability wise at fast as I can. This is one of those situation when things are literally out of my hands and I have no control over it.

Most people living stationary could have fixed this in a mere couple of days, but being a full-time RVer things change drastically especially when you are out in the middle of the forest and away from any kind of bigger town.

Bad timing all the way around, and trust me I am more frustrated and annoyed with this situation than you can imagine at this point. At least, hopefully, there is an end of this on the Horizon. Keep your fingers crossed for me, because I am more then a little ready for July Hell month to be over.

Goddess Bella Donna

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