No, I said you are a faggot not that you are gay

No, I said you are a faggot not that you are gay

Let’s talk about the fetish for cock addiction and put it in perspective!

It still surprises me up to this day just how confused people in the Fetish World seem to get when it comes to “Faggots”. What I find even more interesting that even women and men who claim to be into Fetishes, forced bi, cock conditioning etc. get twisted all up on the Internet when you use the word faggot and want to put it as a reason to be “offended” and claim that you are being rude verbally towards gay men.

So let’s put this to rest once and for all. When it comes to humiliation and fetish, the word Faggot is only one of many used towards men who have an addiction or get aroused by the idea of sucking another man’s cock, get fucked by another man, or in general are used as a sex toy by men. It’s focused all around the sexual attraction and the need for cock and cum and has nothing at all to do with love or any other emotional engagement with the same gender as it would be the case for gay men.

Gay men are not only attracted to the cock, but are emotionally connected to their same sex partners. They fall in love with other man, build a life together with their same sex partners, and in general have a deep bond with those they see as their life partners, husbands, boyfriends etc. Yes, sure sex comes into it (naturally just as it would in any other relationship too) but it is NOT the only thing that it’s about.

For faggots (in the fetish sense of the word) however it’s all about the cock and the man to whom it is attached is irrelevant other then to use it to deepen the humiliation and basically is just a penis carrier which they pretend is superior to them as a real man since he is using and abusing their faggot self, making them sluts and men whores essentially. It’s not about love in the least, it’s about raw and hard core gay sex and homoerotic fantasies which to be honest most of those faggot wanna be’s only jerk off too and never even have enough balls to follow through. It’s a taboo for usually “straight men” to think about and get off on, or for bi-sexual man to indulge in without committing themselves into a love affair with another man.

Being a faggot is about FEELING filthy, dirty, nasty, used for cock and cum, debased and humiliated, controlled and used by that cock, ridiculed for wanting to be a fuck toy for men and more. Love doesn’t come into it. It has nothing to do with it, which would make them gay, not just little faggots.

Now do some faggots get off on the idea that they can be made gay? That they will be rejected by women to the point of being forced into having nothing more than gay sex for the rest of their life? Do they enjoy being called Queer, gay, homo, faggot, fudge packer and goodness knows what other words that get their pathetic cocks dribble and makes them less ordinary straight guys with just a fantasy? Naturally, it’s the realm of fetish for cocks and cum.

Humiliation is just as important here if not more so then the actual act of getting on your knees and sucking that cock, or getting fucked by it until you see Jesus, or whatever other fun little ideas they have, usually under the control of a FemDom Goddess, Cuckoldress or naughty Girlfriend.

Faggot – the fetish for same gender sex and the addiction to cock and cum. Not the love for men from men. Get it straight bitches and then enjoy it Nobody is talking down gay men when we do Faggot humiliation and encouragements on our homoerotic phone sex listings, in our hot and steamy contents and more. Buy a clue and get past the need to turn things into something it is not.

Oh and before I forget the fetishizing and addiction to Shemales falls under the faggot enabling and cock addiction fetish category as well. So yes, even you guys who get off on the idea of sucking shemale cock are still nothing more than faggots and not gay.

Now that I cleared this up for you once again (You are most welcome) it’s time you indulged into some of my faggot content now and show me your appreciation of deepening your need to be a little faggot cum dump slut!

Gayness Rising Mindmelt MP3

Homoerotic Gayness Encouragement and Masturbating Brainwashing Mindmelt as I deepen your need for cock and feel your gayness rising. Gayness Visualization, Mindfuck, Queer Brainwashing, Guided Masturbating Faggot Visualization and more. Very sensual and erotic homo-enabling and encouraging Audio by Goddess Bella Donna.
15 min. 18 sec. MP3 Format


I am turning you into a Shemale cock devotee MP3

You are my precious pet and I have decided it is time for you to learn the pleasures of being a devotee and servant of Shemale cock. I took you to a Motel where you were ensnared by a vision walking into the lobby. Little did you know at that point that this was the Shemale Goddess and dear friend of mine, whom we were there to meet. This night I would turn you into becoming a Shemale cock devotee for my pleasure.

This sensual homoerotic Audio Recording for Shemale lovers and addicts includes the following: Shemale sex, Shemale assworship, Sensual Domination, verbal teasing, Gay Shemale sex, cock sucking and anal use.
19 min. 25 sec. MP3


I curse you into Shemale addiction MP3

Your satanic Goddess Bella Donna is back and casting wicked curses on you. Today, I have decided to curse you into Shemale addiction. You are doomed to Shemale lust from here on out. Welcome to being Satan’s newest Shemale addicted slave.
5 min. 57 sec. MP3


MP3 You’ve got the wrong number Queermo!

After his failure to get hard with a Prostitute whom he had hired at a Bordello John picks up the phone to talk to Madam Isolda, the Witch he believes to be responsible for his queerness. As he spills out his recent gay thoughts to her, all he hears is a chuckle on the other end. He keeps talking and getting hornier doing so until he starts jerking off in the parking lot. As we was really getting into it he hears the voice of a male on the other end and finds out that he dialed the wrong number.
9 min. 27 sec MP3


Sensual guidance into Shemale Obsession MP3

I want you to be addicted and obsessed with Shemale cock and cum my pet. What better way to assure that will happen, then to guide you into it myself in a sensual and teasing manner. Come now darling, I know you are nervous, but I promise that if you just do as I say, you’ll be in Shemale obsession bliss in no time. I even give you a cum count down at the end so you may cum the moment you received your first every Shemale load of thick creamy cum into your mouth.

Shemale obsession, Divine sensual Guidance by Goddess into Shemale addiction, oral and anal,
13 min. 24 sec MP3


You never stood a chance Faggot (Wicked)

I am taking you down your slow path to doom after a simple curiosity about gay sex during masturbation opens the Gateway for an Incubus (Male Sex Demon) to come into your dreams and integrate himself there as your demonic gay Master. I tell you about your obsession with proving yourself worthy to meet your demonic gay Master outside of your dreams. How you slowly progress into nothing else mattering. It isn’t until you are finally praying and begging your gay dream Master to tell you what it is he wants and that you are willing to give HIM anything that he shows himself to you. Can you guess what it is he wants faggot? As I said you never stood a chance.

Corruption, Gay obsession, Faggot doom, mind-fuck, demonic control, Give me your soul.
The focus is mostly on you and how you sink into your faggot doom, so it is pretty safe for most of you faggots as long as you have a little bit of an open mind.
12 min. 17 sec. MP3


Your new life as my faggot cuckold WMV

Goddess made Her choice, you are about to become My faggot cuckold. You are reminded about the reasons why you have become my cuckold in the first place and why you are locked up in chastity. I explain to you about fluffer duty and how I expect it to be done properly.

I tell you, how I expect you to show proper appreciation for the honor of being permitted to suck My lovers cock and fluff him for Me. You are being instructed about being My substitute pussy and give you your new cuckold name which you will be called by from here on out. Your faggot pussy needs to be properly prepared for serving those real men and more.

Yes, I made up My mind cucky, from here on out you will be My faggot cuckold. Pay close attention so you understand your new aspect of cuckold life beneath Me.


There you go my little faggots an aspiring cock addicts! If you’d rather talk to me live about your need for cock and cum you can do so on my crossdresser, sissy, cuckold, faggot and Shemale obsession listing:

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Goddess Bella Donna


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