Sissies love to be in the center of attention!

Sissies love to be in the center of attention!

A few FemDom thoughts about sissified attention whores!

Sissies, sissies everywhere and not a man in sight!

I have to hand it to you little attention whores, you sure do go all out when it comes to spending time and money on your sissified, bimbofied, and feminized appearance.

Most of you would probably date, marry and fuck yourself all day long if you could, since you are depicting your ideal version of what women should be like, dress like, act like, walk around like and in your fantasy world live like. Your sissy world sure does look likeĀ  lot of fun, especially since like your typical male persona it’s still all about you, about dicks getting off, and feminine looking eye-candy. Yup the only thing that really changed for so many of you little slut sissies is the outer shell, but your inner conditioning, the one that would actually feminize you and make you a lot more pleasing as a sissy has a long way to go.

Not that this very surprising, because for the sissy attention whore it’s all about being seen and of course all about you.

Now listen up sluts, because Goddess has something important to share with you, and for heaven’s sake get your hands of your sissy prissy and overindulged dicks. Just for once at least attempt to show some respect for a FemDom Goddess instead of just treating her like a means to an end. Something which has sadly become all to frequent among you wanna be cock whores as of late.

So many of you sissy bitches wonder why FemDoms – Mistresses – Queens etc are starting to get more and more annoyed by your self-gratification ways and why your tushies are in the sling more often then not. You come to US Mistresses / Goddesses / Queens and claim you want to serve US, make US happy, entertain US and oh my goodness maybe if you are really ambitious make us proud.

You whine and complain about the fact that no matter how hard you try WE Ladies ignore you at large, demand you pay US for our time, and pretty much sound like we are falling asleep while you are giving US the 100th rendition of how much you adore Female Supremacy, live to get fucked by real men, suck off a big hard cock, get used as a cum dump, and how humiliating it is to be seen wearing panties with your dick stiffening up underneath them. Oh the shame, the horror, the ….. seriously just stop!

First of all if you were really into Female Supremacy as you claimed you’d not only serve and / or attempt to emulate hot young chicks you find as close to being “bimbo fodder for your jerk off fantasies” as possible, but women of all ages, all sizes, all colors and yes even those you find personally ugly even. Perhaps those even more so, since let’s be frank most women in the normal every day life don’t have the inclination or time to bitch up or doll up for you whore mongers so that you find them sexy. Oh how easy you chatter among yourself and make fun of women you consider to be less then attractive in your insignificant little male minds which match your tiny little dicks perfectly. While I am at it, you don’t have a clit. Women have clits, sissies don’t. They have whatever we care to name that skinflap between your smooth shaven or waxed little thighs, but clits they are not. You are not that blessed you cuntlings. You would also not insult us by your ignorance of what it is to be a woman and just how much more then dressing whorish it is like. Guess what snickerdoodles, there are a lot more women dressing perfectly normal and even business powerful then women running around trying to get men to ogle at them all day long.

Next, as fun it is to hear about you, you, you and the cock, cock, cock you are chasing and drooling over for about the first 10 minutes, after that it’s time to actually shut the fuck up and listen to what we want from you. I find it personally hilarious just how out of touch you are with submission and servitude. Some of you bitches actually find it offensive when a FemDom does what she is there for… train you, control you, guide you, and make demands on you as the supposed inferior beta bitches you want to present yourself as. So if all it is about is you and being the center of attention, because in your mundane life nobody even notices you are around, then say so from the start and we can adjust our rates accordingly. As in the prices just went up, because as a FemDom we are here to be served and amused by you doing what we order, not you talking all over us and acting as if you are the Dom and we are just your little bitch to roleplay being in charge. Rather infuriating and one guaranteed way to make us yawn right before we hang up. So if you just want to talk about your lustful perversions and have sunshine blown up your pantied asses about how hot you are, slutty, sexy, pretty, good gurl etc. then you are going to pay accordingly with a raised rate and a nice big fat tribute after. Oh don’t misunderstand me here, we are amused by sissy gurl, but that is by sissy gurls who remember their place and are grateful not by attention whores who wouldn’t know what being a servant, a bitch to a Goddess, and obedient is all about if it ran you over with a cock spiked Mac Truck.

Oh and let’s talk about being humiliated to being seen in panties or made up as a sissy. Oh yeah you are sooooo humiliated that is why you can’t get posted enough on the internet and give your silk trapped dick pics to every person that even breathes in your direction. That aside, it’s an honor to be allowed to dress like a woman sluts, especially since you spend more money on your wardrobes then most women do and then complain that you can’t afford to tribute or receive training.

Yes I see right through you and besides some of the sissy gurls who actually understand their place, the good gurls with potential who are busy working, doing chores, practicing their sissy skills as they are told, and do their tasks as demanded to be turned in on time, you are still nothing more then just guys. Not even men, because well men are worth something, no you are basic guys with a selfish attitude who can’t understand why women don’t fall all over themselves to cater to their need to be in the spotlight.

Oh and exposure sluts, do yourself a favor will you? Get some new pics, a few new tricks up your sleeve, get out of your lazy mode and actually do something to impress us, because after seeing the same pics, the same slut doing the same thing for the dozens time, it’s no longer interesting. “Oh look it’s slut xyz again” how nice…… scrolls past.

It’s your job to amuse us, not to be amused by us. If you got it that backwards then start paying more so you can afford to have our attention. Either way if we are not served and amused, you are not interesting enough any longer to get noticed.

Oh and Twitter attention whores who tag every freaking Mistress trying desperately to get a crumb of attention. Stop it, we see you and as you have noticed none of us have a lot of time for you. You have to actually be worth claiming before we even consider you worthy of attention.

As you were whore boners! Take this to heart if you want to move forward in your sissy status, if not like I said expect to start digging deeper, because these basic sissy sluts are a dime a dozen.

Goddess Bella Donna

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