Are you into Tickle Torture?

Are you into Tickle Torture?

Wicked Tickle Queen enjoy tormenting you with laughter!

GBD reads “The Fate of the Great Tickle Inquisitor” Clip

Hello Darlings, Goddess Bella Donna here, and I decided it would be great fun to allow you to watch me as I produce one of My Erotic Audios for you. Today I am going to tell you my newest original erotic fetish Story: The Fate of the Great Tickle Inquisitor”. I want to give muse credit to “TickleTrapped” with whom I enjoy doing karmic revenge based Tickle Torture Roleplays on one of my Phones lines.

Our Roleplay Tickle Torture Fetish Phone Sessions are the inspiration for this Story. A first of many more Tickle Torture as well as other Karmic Revenge Type Fetish Stories to come.

This Story is set in the time of the Great Inquisition during the Witch Hunt Times. The great Tickle Inquisitor Cardinal von Kietzel tormented and tortured women via nefarious and wicked Tickle Torture to extract Confessions from 100 women. When he ended up mistaking the innocent Farm Girl Valeria for the Witch High Priestess Bella Donna, it set in motion his doomed fate at the hands of that same Witch High Priestess who had him , captured and brought to her in order to visit some devious, wicked and evil tickle tortures on him to pay for his wicked ways. Forced male orgasms, tickle torture, magic control, revenge based karmic justice, mind-fuck, bondage, are all fetish topics of this fun until it laughter turns to screams story.

I hope you enjoy watching me read this story for you and get a kick out of my tickling you fingers and expressive facial expressions as I take you into a world of tickle torment fantasy. Don’t forget that I have several Studios here with more Audios and Clips of mine. Check them out sometime. XOXO Goddess Bella Donna

33 min. 31 seconds WMV Format


The Void of Tickle Screams (Tickle Torture Story)

As he looked out of the Window he saw several people standing around chattering with one another and laughing together. Each time they laughed particularly hard he noticed that it would set their entire body into motion. They were expanding energy which was created by their laughter, he mused to himself, now if only we could find a way to harness this.

For the next 3 days, Professor Solletico Mostro was behind his desk, drawing up designs for an apparatus which would be able to keep individual people in a perpetual state of uncontrollable laughter and which would then syphon that laughter through a tube which then could be turned into pure energy via a transformer. He wrote formula after formula, drew and adjusted the drawings of the mechanism, and did calculations as to how many people would have to be set to laughter for which time frames in order to get enough energy to power let’s say the lap as a test. It was revolutionary thinking that was for sure, but it would have to be a controlled test and he would need volunteers and at least a couple of assistants to aid him in this endeavor.

Exhausted after the 3 days of unending planning and working he fell asleep on his desk with ideas still running through his subconscious mind.
Little did he know that when he would regain wakefulness he’d be the ground zero test subject for this new green energy theory, at the hands of “The Tickle Torture League of Doom”.
7 pages of Tickle Torture insanity producing methodical wickedness by your Evil Tickle Queen Goddess Bella Donna


Hello my tickle torture victims!

Oh how I love to put my wicked imagination to work for some devious tickle torture role play and stories. The irony is that I myself hate to be tickled, but I sure love to dish it out. The more nefarious the better and it never starts being really fun for me until you are breathlessly sobbing and are about to lose your voice from cheer laughter.

There are so many wonderful everyday items you can use to torment a particularly ticklish individual until they surrender and beg for mercy. Feathers, Feather Dusters, brushes of all kinds, wheels, Q-tips, chopsticks, fingernails of course, hair, and so much more.

Knowing the most sensitive body parts which most people don’t even think about (and no it’s not always just the obvious ones) really helps when it comes to being the evil Tickle Queen, mercilessly tormenting you with her wicked need to make you scream in laughter.

I enjoy the idea of something that is so apparently harmless turning into something so very cruel. Karmic revenge for misdeeds turned around on you and paid for by your essence of laughter. Of course you being a tickle torture victim who adores losing all control as my fingers scrape, scratch, tickle and demand your last drop of mirth before it turns into helpless gasping for air and helpless screams with tears of laughter running down your cheeks and perhaps if we are both lucky your slide into tickle induced insanity, get aroused like nothing else by this.

As are as fetish role plays this is one of those that has a rather small an intimate following, which sadly means for me as your fetish and kink phone sex Maven I don’t get to indulge in it as often as I like, but who knows maybe you were just not aware of my offering it.

Now I know some of you ticklish pets are wondering if I am only into the torture aspect of tickling. The answer is no, I enjoy the erotic sensual tickling as well, but nothing gets my blood pumping and my wicked imagination soaring as much as a willing prey spread out before me, made helpless and trapped in one of my imaginary tickle torture devices and made to suffer so beautifully.

If you enjoy Tickle Torture Fetish and would like to talk to me about it or want to experience one of my wicked tickle torture fetish role plays with me as your evil Tickle Queen, then you can do so live via my Mistress Listing.

Call GoddessBellaDonna for phone sex on

Tickle, tickle, tickle… I can’t wait to hear you laugh scream for me victim!

Goddess Bella Donna


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