Uh oh looks like she fell from favor

Updated “worthy of mention” page

I wasn’t joking when I said you’d have to work hard to remain there!

Well it’s this time of the month, no not that time, the time when I take a look at my favorites and most pleasing Niteflirt sluts, faggots, darlings and puppets. It’s time to update the “worthy of mention” page basically and see if someone lost their spot or if someone managed to gain it.

Today I said “good bye” to sissy fatass who was actually in spot number 1, but since she had the pleasure of being praised publicly by me seems to have figured her job was done.  I talked about this strange male mind pattern in this blog post and seems to have once again been a foreshadowing sadly.

Jay my little pimped out faggot is still hanging in there by the skin of his teeth, but even he needs to step up a little more and stop giving his cock sucking services away for free. Being a pimped out faggot has very different requirements and the little bitch is falling down on the job. But he is still better then the rest of the wanna be whored out faggot boys who contact me on Niteflirt with this particular desire, so I am giving him some more time to suck it up and spit out more cash for me again.

July was a tough month with all the tech issues, which are now thankfully fixed, which means that I am not going to add anyone new right now. There wasn’t enough time to solidly have those little sluts, sissies, puppets, bitch boys, cuckolds, and subs prove themselves worthy of this sought out privilege. The new round starts now so and I suggest you really step it up boys and gurls to get added and then remain there. A little healthy competition among you all which is highly amusing for me.

I wonder who will manage it for August. I have some fun little ideas to test my best of the best, but of course you have to get into the running first. You can’t do that by being absent and not glamoring to please me. Time to show me how much you adore me and want me to be proud of you again. Call, buy content and tribute as you should as my worthy puppets and playthings.

Goddess Bella Donna

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