Were you worthy of mention?

Were you worthy of mention?

If you find yourself on this Wall then you are someone who really made me smile, happy with our interactions, and definitely laugh at your antics and stories. You have also given me your prior agreement to be talked about on any of my blogs and put on display. I value my Niteflirt Darlings right to privacy. If permission was not given, I will not add you here.

How do you make it to this page? Simple by being loyal, devoted to your Goddess, amusing and generous in your tributes and regular long calls. 2 minute puppets, once in a while bitches, and just sending me photos for attention without appropriate tributes will never make it here. This darlings below I consider my Niteflirt Pets and devotees. They have pleased me well!

You will see the Page change from time to time. If those who mention disappear or start doing less than their best for me, they will be removed and replaced by those who are my well deserved favorites at that point. So keep up the good “work” keeping your Goddess happy and amused!


Jay the Popper addicted pimped out faggot hole!

Sorry all, but I do not have any current photos of this little popper addicted pimped out faggot. Maybe I’ll get some new ones in the near future and if he keeps up the good work I’ll share them with you here. Jay is a delight and very faithful in paying his faggot taxes to me. He knows he can never be with women in a sexual way again since he is unable to satisfy them in that manner. A truly nice guy and fun toy to play with, who can’t get enough cock and cum. He is “man no more” but literally just a faggot hole with an addiction for taking poppers which drive his need to be used and abused by as many cocks as possible. Recently he has discovered the joys of being a service bitch to a man, which is fun to talk about. I love teasing him, reminding him of his place with me as my little pimped out faggot, and of course encourage him to just sink deeper and deeper into his purpose as a faggot. Even so he does wear female clothing (panties / lingerie) upon demand of those men, he isn’t really a sissy at all. No he is a true blue pimped out faggot who debases himself for the amusement of the Goddess and men alike, while putting his mouth and faggot ass to good use to earn some extra cash to give to me. Good boy! He’s been one of my favorites for going on to good 4 years now. Not a bad track record wouldn’t you think? Keep up the good work, my little faggot whore!